Monday, June 1, 2009

I live in a land of babies and manpris.

Hola Amigos.

Remember how I told you that I thought my sense of direction was improving? Well, unfortunately on Thursday night I found out otherwise. Every Thursday after work my boss, Emily (who is fabulous and amazing) has people over to her house for spaghetti dinner. Yes,that is correct, my boss feeds me homemade spaghetti EVERY Thursday, it is pretty awesome. It was my first time going and I had a wonderful time, her three year old daughter Sophia is a doll!

However, the way home was a little rough. I was dropped off at the train station from someone else who was at dinner. Mind you the train station is only a 15 minute tram ride from where I live and I go there every day, thus I knew exactly where I was. The series of unfortunate events started when I just missed the tram 16 that I needed to get on, and it was 20 minutes until the next one. As I waited in the cold, still wearing my work clothes this Italian guy started to hit on me. I was a bit freaked out, considering I was alone, and it was midnight at a sketch tram stop. So, at that point I remembered my friend telling me that I could take bus 27 home. Thus, when bus 27 showed up before tram 16 I jumped on. I was pretty confident that it would take me where I needed to go....15 minutes later I was not so confident. I politely asked some people on the bus if they knew if this bus went anywhere near Le Cenacle (where I live) and they had no clue what I was talking about. At that point I started freaking out considering the last tram stops running right after midnight. So, I got off at the next bus stop and walked to find a tram stop, hoping to get on the tram 16 that I needed. I ended up in this sketch alley way in a place I had never been before. At this point I think I was on the verge of tears, I whipped out my phone and then realized that the only numbers I had were my Mom's. So, not very helpful. I started running (bad idea considering I was in really high heels, I still have blisters) and I saw this old man, I asked him where the trams were, and of course he did not speak any English. But, he was really nice a took me to this hotel that spoke English. Anyway, to make this really long story short, the reception guy was super nice and google mapped where I was and showed me.....and.....I was one stop away from Le Cenacle. But, It was dark and I did not recognize anything. Yea, so embarrassing. But I got home alive, and I have a good story out of it! Also, I learned the hard was that it is never a good idea to be out late by yourself. haha duh.

Anyway, I got back yesterday from a weekend in Chatel, France! It is this really cute mountain town in the Alps. If any of you Madison students reading this blog know Professor Anna Pelgor Gordan, we stayed at her "mums" condo. It was really kind of her to offer it to us. We ended up renting two cars to drive there as it is only an hour and a half away. When we got to the rental agency, they told us that they were upgrading our we got two black Audi's. They were really nice. We hung out around the town on Saturday, and on Sunday we went hiking in the Alps!

It was so beautiful, our group ended up splitting up and going on different trails. Kelsey, and Haley, (She is new as of 4 days ago, and goes to Wake Forest University!) and I climbed to the summit of a mountain! The trail ended, so we kept on climbing, and it was amazing standing on the very top of a mountain. It seemed that the mountains never ended, the higher you climb, the more mountains come into view. (that seems like common sense, but it was so cool to see!)

It was still off season in Chatel, I think everything opens in a few weeks. So, I think we might go back and go zip lining, and white water rafting some other weekend. Next weekend I am staying in Geneva, so it will be nice to chill around here. Then the following weekend I think I am going to Venice, then the next weekend is the Matterhorn (biggest mountain in Switzerland), and the next weekend after that I am going on a tour of CERN which will be sweet, and then hopefully going to Interlochen to say hi to Nessy the Loch Ness monster. All in all, I have some eventful weeks coming up!

Ok, if you noticed the title of this blog, I have some more silly observations.

First, there must be something in the water here because everyone is pregnant. And do not think I am crazy for noticing this...everyone in my group has noticed. They are everywhere. Sometimes, when I am on the tram ride home from work, I count. I got up to seven once, and it is only a 25 minute tram ride. Wow, that really makes me sound lame. But, I promise you I will not come home with a bun in the oven :)

Second, men here have a very strange sense of fashion. Sometimes it is good, but lots of times it is far from good. Manpris have inhabited Europe. ( Manpri = a capri pant for men) I do not understand, I think they look terrible and incredible awkward. As the weather starts to warm up, I will begin to see more and more. Last time I was in Europe, Lauren and I counted them.....the number got too high to keep track of. So I do not think I am going to keep a count this time, haha.

It is a holiday today, so I think we are going to go to the beach and hang out and walk around. I have not been yet, so I am excited!

Adios, Claire.

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