Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dance Dance


This week has just flown by....I can't believe that my time in Geneva is almost half over! Crazy!

The work week went really well. I found out that I am going to have a special job at the upcoming conference in July. I am working on the planning of the "engagement tours" part of our conference. We are planning for delegates to go out to three local organizations that are involved one way of another with HIV/AIDS. It is a great opportunity for delegates to network as well as see other approaches and solutions for HIV/AIDS.

We had great weather this weekend even though it was predicted to rain! I was really excited to have sun! On Friday I went on a long walk by the water and stood under the jet d'eau (big water fountain thing that Geneva is known for). Geneva truly is a beautiful city...

On Saturday morning I went to France to the local market. I cannot get over the cheese selection here. oh my gosh. I love cheese. I always go up to all of the different vendors and ask for samples. I honestly could not tell you what kind of cheese I am eating, but it is delicious.

After the market a bunch of us went to the park and layed out. I am starting to get a nice golden tan! The park that we go was actually donated to the city of Geneva by this man when he passed away. There is a beautiful house on the property, and an amazing rose garden. It is my favorite park in Geneva, because I can walk there and it is right on the water and it is FREE! yea!

During the Summer Geneva has a bunch of different music festivals. This weekend was "Fete de la Musique". There were different venues all throughout the entire city, and there was every type of music possible represented. On Saturday night, we went to the biggest venue which had many different stages. It was soooo much fun! There was so much pot (it is legal here, not that I did it....duh) and hippies with dreadlocks. It was awesome. There was a really sweet techno artist, so we danced to him for a long while.

Today, I am hoping to plan my trip to Interlochen for next weekend! oh, and I found out that Nessy the Loch Ness Monster is in Scotland. bummer man. There is always next time!

Hope you have a wonderful day :)



  1. Yea for pot-smoking dred-lock hippies...I love them..... Let me know the music venue during the week I'm there....Looking forward to exploring...

  2. Whoa... you can comment on these! This is so exciting! haha. Miss you silly betch. :)