Sunday, July 12, 2009

I survived flying on an Airbus.


I got back to Geneva this morning from a wonderful weekend in Nice, Eze and Monaco. It was a great relaxing weekend, although I am sad that my Mom is no longer with me. She is on to Spain for a week!

I am going to miss having her to clean my messy room and cook me food and do my laundry. haha. j/k. but not really. I had a wondeful time showing her around Geneva and traveling to Nice!

Did you know that the beaches in Nice are all rock? it was so strange, and it hurt a bit to walk on. The reflection of the rocks under the water give Nice that famous bright blue water. It was beautiful, and now i can say that I have swam in the Mediterranean.

On Saturday we took a bus tour to Monaco and Monte Carlo. It was really nice having someone else drive us on those crazy roads. If we had rented a car I am pretty sure we would be dead, especially if I was driving. bad idea.

On the way to Monaco, we stopped in the little medieval village of Eze. It was really neat, it reminded my of Harry Potter! Speaking of...3 days!!!! Eze actually only has 40 people that still live there, it is so small. It is built on the tip top of a mountain, because back in the day that was the safest place because they could see enemies coming in from the sea and from other mountains. It was sweet.

After Eze we took a tour of a perfumery. It smelt soo good, it was actually the oldest perfumery in the world. perfume was like originated there. It was neat to see how it is actually made, it takes to long and so many flowers to make perfume. I now understand why it is so expensive! We bought some only life once!

Then we were off to Monaco! I was truly beautiful, and it is crazy to think that the country itself is only 2 miles long and had 30,000 people living there. it is really crowded. obviously, and to get the cheapest crappiest apartment it is only a mean 2 million dollars. i do not understand, there are so many more things that i would do with a million dollars. like buy a whole island or something.

We saw the changing of the guard at the Palace which was really cool. The guards had nice outfits. they were white. We found a restaurant that served American Classics like Milkshakes!!! I had a strawberry one and it made my day. After, we walked around the gardens, everything is so lush. I am pretty positive that Monaco is a secret Utopian society. For every 50 people that live there there is one police officer. There is like no crime, or trash......and we did not see one bug! Also, the ducks in the pond had tags to keep them from getting overpopulated.

Monaco was like a little fake, pretend world. like Barbie land. haha. but seriously, it was so pathetic to see these people who only care about silly materialistic possessions. It was certainly a great place to visit for the day....but you would have to kill me before I would ever live there.

It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend, but I am glad to be back in Geneva. I need some time to recoup before i leave for Cape Town on Wednesday. I can't believe the time is almost here! I am going to Africa :)))) I am really excited, if you can't tell. haha.

Next time I update I will be in South Africa!

Now, I am going to take a nap, as I woke up at 5:30 to get to the airport.


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